CBMP Teaching Fellowships
CBMP students have the opportunity to develop their teaching and mentoring skills by participating as instructors for the histology laboratory sections taught to first and second year medical students. Student instructors assist the medical students in using microscopes to identify tissues and cells as well as to understand the functions of the tissues and cells that they are observing. Teaching responsibilities normally require approximately 5 to 10 hours per month of preparation and teaching time. Prior to becoming instructors, the CMBP students are required to take the graduate level Spring course in Histology (MSCBMP2870), which will prepare them for their teaching responsibilities. Senior students may have the opportunity to develop and present lectures in the graduate Histology Course. Beyond the teaching experience, these fellowships also provide students with funding for the majority of their stipend and tuition.

For additional information please contact our Program Director, Dr. Michael Butterworth.