CBMP Courses and Requirements
In addition to research training and courses, students in the CBMP program benefit from interactions with faculty and students and a rich educational experience that includes journal clubs, research conferences, and the opportunity to attend national and international meetings.

Furthermore, the CBMP program encourages students to apply for research fellowships and for those students interested in classroom teaching and instruction we offer teaching fellowships. Additional information about these fellowships can be found by exploring the tabs above.

Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Requirements:

The CBMP graduate program is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine MSTP (MD/PhD) program. The CBMP requirements for MSTP students can be found by exploring the tab above.

University Requirements:

The CBMP program requirements are governed by the University. PhD students must take a minimum of 72 credits over at least 6 full-time terms. Thirty two of the required 72 credits must come from course work, and the remaining 40+ credits are earned for dissertation research that is accomplished after passing the comprehensive examination.

CBMP Requirements:

Upon entry into the CBMP program, students are required to take the course titled Cellular Biology of Normal and Disease States. Students are encouraged to sign up for a Journal Club upon entering the program, but upon completion of their comprehensive examination they must take a Journal Club each Spring and Fall terms. Students must also take one of the optional CBMP courses and the once monthly course titled Experiments and Logic in Cell Biology. Elective courses are numerous, and are tailored to the specific interests and needs of the student.

Course Title Credits
Foundations and Conference 12
Biostatistics 3
Grant Writing 2
Ethics 1
Laboratory Rotations 3
Cellular Biology of Normal and Disease States 4
Imaging Cell Biology in Living Systems (option 1), Regulation of Membrane Traffic (option 2) or Cellular Physiology (option 3) 3
Journal Club (Spring and Fall terms) 4+
Experiments and Logic in Cell Biology (ELCB) 1+
Electives 2+
Total 33+

Timeline for graduate students in the CBMP Program :

Year 1: Foundations, conference, laboratory rotations, biostatistics, ethics
Year 2: Transfer to CBMP, required CBMP courses, journal club, ELCB, electives
Year 3: Comp exam, dissertation research, elective courses, journal club, ELCB
Year 4: Dissertation research, journal club, ELCB
Year 5 : Write and defend dissertation, journal club, ELCB

Additional Information:

For more details contact our program director, Michael Butterworth, PhD