Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program

CBMP Faculty

Jay Tan, Ph.D.

Image - Jay Tan
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Aging Institute
Email: jay.tan@pitt.edu
PubMed: Link
Dept / Lab Webpage: https://jaytanlab.org
CBMP groups: Membrane Traffic of Proteins and Lipids, Cell Communication, Signaling and Ion Channel Biology

Research Interests

The Tan Lab studies core principles of cell biology in aging, with particular interest in basic molecular mechanisms underlying cellular homeostasis and stress response. Organelle stress and damages are common risk factors in aging and diseases. A major goal of our lab is elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying the sensing, repairing, and clearance of damaged organelles in mammalian cells. We search for essential, unifying principles behind complex stress responses through unbiased approaches, and dissect underlying mechanisms with multidisciplinary methods including molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics. Current research topics include lysosomal quality control in aging and neurodegeneration, inter-organelle communications in cell homeostasis, and lysosomal stress in age-related inflammation