Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program

CBMP Research Groups

CBMP Faculty (click for complete list) have a common interest in understanding the cellular basis of life and disease. As most human diseases arise from failures on a cellular level, our faculty investigate the cellular underpinnings of kidney, heart, lung and brain diseases, cancer, diabetes and inherited diseases of development and reproduction. Their research can be divided into the following broad categories:

Cell Communication, Signaling and Ion Channel Biology

Studies aim to understand how cells receive, decode and transmit signals to establish complex signaling networks in the body. A breakdown in cellular communication leads to diseases like diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, cystic fibrosis, hypertension, heart disease and others, all under investigation by faculty. | Top
Representative Faculty: Brodsky, Butterworth, Carattino, Cunningham, Devor, Du, Dutta, Hammond, Hughey, Kashlan, Kleyman, Kwiatkowski, Lamitina, Liu, Murray, Roy, Salama, Saloman, Sekine, Sekine, Sims-Lucas, St. Croix, Stolz, Subramanya, Sun, Tan, Vasudevan, Watkins, Watson, Weisz, Xing, Zhu