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The CBMP program has 2 required courses and several electives available to students. Before entering the CBMP program, students successfully complete all the required first year IBGP courses including grant writing. After matriculating into the CBMP program all students are required to enroll in “Cell Biology of Normal and Disease States” (MSCBMP 2880) in the spring, and one of the imaging courses offered, either “Imaging Cell Biology in Living Systems” (MSCBMP 2885) in the spring or “Mutliparametric Microscopic Imaging” (MSCBMP 2860) in the summer. Students are encouraged to take the histology course (MSCBMP 2870) to be eligible to TA medical students. Ongoing classes include the work-in-progress class “Experiments and Logic in Cell Biology” (MSCBMP 2875) and a journal club that meet throughout the year.

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